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The level voltage of logic changer by a JFET

2018-01-24 00:21  
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This is a logic signal changer circuit,the normal voltage of about 5V. But sometimes we want to 12V or 15V, we can use a JFET.It works by mode COMMON GATE.
Simple principle is that when a logic “0″ or 0V.The JFET N-channel type which will stop the conduction, The voltage between D and G was 0V too.And if logic “1″ with the voltage 5V ,N-channel conduction. Voltage between pins D and G is equal to VS, which may be equal to any 12 Volt or 15 volt.

The R1 will determine the speed and power loss of the circuit,the resistance R1 is in the range of 100K to 1M, so the current flowing through it is in the 150uA to 15uA.We can also determine the frequency of the pulse matches with.The limit of approximately 1 MHz. A key advantage of this circuit is, can be applied to the device driver voltage is higher than 5 volt.

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