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The output of the flyback adjustable circuit diagram

2017-08-04 00:06  
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This article is the output of the flyback converter adjustable circuit diagram of the principle. The circuit is very simple, very cheap, but it is very effective. If you want to more thoroughly grasp the principle, you can have an idea of the circuit is the important component, such as: FAN7554 . 

Vin = 220Vac -10% @ 50/60Hz
Vout =0~600Vdc @ 0.25A
Switching Frequency: 70~100KHz

fig 1
Design Guidelines:
DCM mode, output power is 200W

The input RMS current in worse condition with discontinuous current mode may be calculated as:


If the optimum operating duty cycle is set at D=0.35, then input peak current can be found as:


Therefore the voltage sensing limit voltage level from the FAN7554 data sheet is 1.5V


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