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The principle of loose racing victory judges

2017-08-15 02:13  
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This article is loose racing victories introduce the principle of judges. To more effectively grasp this principle, the proposal combine text read schematics. The  circuit  is simple but effective. Such as:
1. S1 and S2 is a small lever type micro switch. Most any kind will do, as long as they are sensitive enough to activate the wheel of the car. They should be placed in orbit, will run in front of the car as the car they had just crossed the finish line.
2. Reset circuit, disconnect and then reconnect the power. You can add a normally closed switch in series with the power supply. Make this a little easier
3. There is no reason it can not be used to tell the championship circuit racing, bike racing, slot car racing, and more. 

This simple circuit takes care of the guesswork, lighting the appropriate LED to indicate the winner.