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Thermometer For 5V Operation Circuit

2017-09-01 20:56  
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At the heart of this simple circuit is the well-known type KTY10 temperature sensor from Siemens. This silicon sensor is essentially a temperature-dependent resistor that is connected as one arm in a bridge circuit here. Preset PI functions to balance the bridge at 0C. At that temperature, moving coil meter Ml should not deflect, i.e., the needle is in the center position. Temperature variations cause the bridge to be unbalanced, and hencc produce a proportional indication on the meter. Calibration at, say, 20C is carried out with the aid of P2. The bridge is fed from a stabilized 5.1-V supply, based on a temperature-compensated zener-diode.
Thermometer For 5V Operation Circuit

It is also possible to feed the thermometer from a 9-V battery, provided D1-D3, Rl and Cl are replaced with a Type 78L05 voltage regulator, because This is more economic as regards to current consumption.

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