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This Roboking is Not a Vacuum Cleaner!

2017-11-22 19:11  
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First of all, don’t be confused with this Roboking with the LG V-R4000 Robotic vacuum cleaner, as the Roboking that you’re going to build today has no any relationship with the cleaner stuffs!

Have you ever seen on the television, where there is a robotic tournament that competing on each other to shoot the most tennis balls into opponent’s goalpost? Yep, this roboking has something familiar with it, but its main point is to collect as many of tennis balls and bring it back to your own settlement!

The Roboking consists of three Omniwheels, where this feature enabled it to run in any direction and during the trip to rotate. Three from the old PS/2 mice were fully upgraded wheel rotation of the wheels on 3.42 ?° precisely measured.

Beside that, you’ll need to use five optical distance sensors for navigation, where two of them can be rotated in 360 degrees. By applied the edge detection and ball sensors on the Roboking, it can detect whether it was a tennis ball or an enemy robot acts. If it detects it’s a tennis ball, then it will be picked up the ball automatically and heading back to the settlement. Link to translated web page here.

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