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ThunderBird 6 ? The Top Notch Gold Coin Ring Bottle Top Find

2017-11-21 13:58  
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What’s the Thunderbird 6 means to you? Well, for some of the movie fans, especially the science-fiction/adventure movies lovers, you might have heard it before! Yep, it’s one of the most popular Supermarionation television series, Thunderbirds in movie history!

Thunderbird 6 is increasingly popular in the late 60s. There are over millions of science-fiction movies fans flocked to the local cinema to watch the premiere!


Let’s skip back to the main topic. Today’s main project is also about Thunderbird 6, but it’s not a super flying machine with artificial intelligent, instead it’s a more realistic “Gold Coin Ring Bottle Top Finder”!

Some of you might wonder, “Huh, what are the points of developing a Gold Coin Ring Bottle Top Finder?” Well, the main objective of this project is to construct a robot, which is able to follow a line of coins, detects and find out the treasure itself!

Basically, it’s a learning robot and most suitable for the children. In this case, it’s much better, if you can build this robot with your children, as you can teach them about the robot stuffs and spends some quality time together![read]

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