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Time for Launching Some Shooting War!

2017-12-01 21:47  
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Working, working and working…What a long and boring working hours! If you’re too bored at the workplace, and you would like to have some fun here, then this cheap shooting range might be your perfect choice!

First of all, you don’t have to worry about the building cost for this project, as it is extremely cheap (It cost you about $35 or maybe cheaper). Furthermore, this project is so easy, as you can set up in less than an hour!


Some of the basic components that you need for the project are:

One 24″ x 60″ boardOne 22″ x 60″ precut carpetTwo offset hingesOne chainOne gate hookTwo cup hookTwo pullyFour clothespinsOne 50″ clotheslineEight 11″ ziptiesDrywall screwsShort screws

The whole project’s idea is based on a real steel shooting range by using a foldable, angled board with carpet for dampening. In the meantime, you’ll have to use a clothesline setup to hold the shooting range.

WPvideo 1.10Download!

By the way, you should remember that you cannot shoot anyone with the shooting gun, especially to their eyes. Your target is supposed on the target range, not your working colleagues! And, always used eye protection while you’re playing the shooting game.

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