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2017-11-23 18:54  
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NASA with its several efforts in aerospace achievements has been constantly targeting several challenges before it and there are seven main and big challenges before them currently. There are several technical constraints which are acting as obstacles for execution of several successful projects. Let us see them one by one. Once such is the lunar Regolith excavation. It was held during the second and third of august in the campus of polytechnic state university in CA in San Luis Obispo.


Let us see now what the challenge was exactly. The challenge was connected with the lifting of the lunar soil which is otherwise known to be lunar Regolith. Building an excavator which would help in the roving of and that could excavate as well as navigate and also help in the transferring of hundred and fifty kilograms of the simulated lunar Regolith in a bin that would be used as a collector within a time span of just thirty minutes. The need is that moving the lunar soil from one place to another will be very important in case of any construction on the moon. Even the processing of the resources would be requiring the transport of the Regolith. This challenge was held for the need that NASA is searching for a very inexpensive method that would cost less and would not consume much power or heavy machines. During the first challenge cash prize was not awarded to the three teams that were leading in the challenge. But this challenge is being managed for the NASA by the California space education and workforce Institute.

Now let us see about the general aviation technology and in the year of 2008 about ninety seven thousand dollars were awarded to the teams which excelled. The CAFé foundation was the one to manage the challenge. It was managed at the Sonoma county airport in California in Santa Rosa from the fourth of august to the ten of august. This challenge was for the development of the general aviation technology. That is, this challenge encouraged designers to bring in more varieties of technology which could be cost effective or fuel efficient or safer and one more aspect being taken into consideration, the environment. The competitors had to possess experimental licenses and this was required by the FAA. The aircraft with the best safety features was awarded the prize. For participation in this type of challenge the CAFé must be contacted.

Power beaming is yet another challenge considered being one of the biggest challenges of the NASA. The challenge is for the achievement of wireless transmission of power. The power source would not be contained in a self propelling device, instead it will be on the ground and the power transmission is achieved by making the mechanical device propel itself on a cable. This is very useful when attained efficiently because it is the base behind construction of the lunar rovers and space devices.

Tether is another big challenge of NASA. There are several challenges and the above ones are considered to be the biggest. There are several organizations which manage these great challenges for the NASA

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