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Transform Yourself Into an Ironman With HAL Cybernetic Suit!

2017-11-23 05:51  
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Guys, have anyone of you here ever watched the “Ironman”? Isn’t Robert Downey Jr., the actor who casted the hero character, Tony Stark was very brilliant and cool, especially when he turned into the Ironman?

Well, for those that always dreaming to become the next hero/heroin, your dream might come true! Of course, it still needs some little help from the HAL Cybernetic Suit.

Oh, I heard some of you’re whispering to each other and have no idea what the heck of this HAL Cybernetic suit for! Ok, please calm down, as you’re about to unveil the truth of this gadgets in seconds…


For your information, HAL is a short acronym for “Hybrid Assistive Limb”, where is a robotic suit to detect faint bioelectrical signals, by only using pads that have been placed on specific area of the body.

When the HAL’s user try to make a move, the nerve signals will be sent from the brain to the muscles via musculoskeletal system consequently. A very weak bio-signal can be detected on the user’s skin surface and the HAL catches the signals through a sensor that being attached on the skin of the user. As a result, the user will be moved according to the signal!

Frankly, HAL is still in progress and it isn’t available on the market yet. According to the Daiwa and Cyberdyne, the two companies who invented HAL, the HAL cybernetic suit might be sold at the price of USD $4,200, once it’s launched to the market in near future… [source]

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