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Trash above us in the orbits

2017-11-30 17:03  
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We are always worried about the neatness wherever it might be, on the roads , atmosphere, at home, work place. Pollution has its root everywhere in many different forms like air pollution , water pollution and land pollution. There is one more place which is getting polluted without our knowledge is space.

There are numerous countries which have launched satellites to space and even to moon. Satellites revolve around the earth, other planets and other extra terrestrial object and send information to earth about the space and its forms.

Space Junk

We also hear about failure missions or expired missions which means some satellite has been launched from earth but that is not doing the job that it is supposed to do. This clearly shows that the satellite is a waste or dust over the space. What would happen in another decade when all the countries start sending. satellites and manned missions to the space. The space may become a garbage dump with all the waste materials. Space astronauts and aeronautical engineers are worried about this lately. They also feel the waste materials over the space might pose a threat to the working satellites and manned missions . Recently there was such accident on space where a defunct Russian military satellite hit a working commercial satellite of US resulting in communication problems.

Scientist have come up with new ideas of cleaning out the space. One such idea is to take water in the rockets and spray over the orbiting junk. This shower would move the junk to move towards earth and burn in the course of time. The water would also be converted to steam and lost.

Recently the space agencies are urges to send only neat satellites to the orbits and also to take back whatever they have left on the space as junk. The space agencies are also requested to create rockets that doesn’t spray bolts and strap all around the space while they are releasing the probes. These are some of the future measures to be taken but the space and orbits are already accumulated with waste materials send from earth as part of probes and satellites.

There are also research topics which plan about using laser to disintegrate the junk and clean the orbits. These are still on papers and not even a prototype is designed.

One more idea of cleaning the space is by sending garbage collecting rockets which can revolve around the space and collect all the garbage and junk and come back to earth.?? There is also a possibility of setting up space bins and space brooms so that at least path or the orbit of the satellite can be cleaned. Astronauts feel that sending a garbage cleaning rocket is cheaper than losing a working and technical satellite. Also garbage cleaning rocket has a very important job to accomplish.

When comparing all the plans and research topics cleaning the debris of the satellite by water seems to be the cheapest means, though it is not yet approved or none of the space agencies have started working on it.

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