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Tube Radio Schematic Selector Page

2017-11-25 09:05  
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Recently I added a new section to my crystal radios section, showing only my schematic drawings for the crystal sets that I built. The response was very positive as most people look at the schematic first when they are looking for a project to build.

This is understandable as you can quickly gauge the difficulty of a project by a quick look at the schematic.

Instead of going through scores of my pages looking for the project that is right for you, I have assembled the schematics all on 2 pages! So let's get started.

Enjoy. Dave Schmarder – N2DS

Second Page

One tube radio schematic

Single #30 Tube Regen Radio

Radio Schematic of a Two Tube Radio

Two Tube Regenerative Radio

12AF6 One Tube Radio Schematic

Single Hybrid Tube Regen Radio

Dave's 3 Tube All Wave Receiver, Schematic

3 Tube All Wave Regen Radio

Pentaflex Schematic

"Pentaflex" SW

Regen-o-flex Schematic

Regen-o-flex Two Tube Regenerative & Reflex Radio

6K7 DX Radio Schematic

Single Tube DX Radio

DX Radio Schematic

Acorn Tube DX Radio

6418 Radio Schematic

Single Tube Radio Using A Sub Mini Tube

2008 Eico Signal Generator Conversion Updated Schematic

The Eicoflex – Sig Generator to Regen Radio Conversion

Dave Schmarder's Multi Radio Tube Detector Schematic


Dave Schmarder's 1625 All Wave Receiver Schematic

All Wave 1625

Loop Radio Schematic

Loop Regenerative Radio

Hikers Radio Schematic

Traditional One Tube Hikers Radio

Single Tube Superhet Receiver, bottom view

1 Tube Superhet


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