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Twang a matic for electric guitar

2018-01-21 23:38  
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This circuit is a circuit diagram to produce sound effects, but especially for guitar. feature of this series is going to cut the signal and prevent low and pass only the signal with high frequency. Circuit diagram is very simple. Switch SW1 is a switch to bypass and SW2 to ON-OFF circuit. Resistor R7 which is a potentiometer used as volume control, to adjust the output level to get the signal level is best, ie the signal with the smallest distortion. The following is a schematic drawing:

Twang a matic for electric guitar circuit Twang a matic for electric guitar

R1, R5 = 1M
R2 = 10K
R3 = 20K
R4 = 18K
R6 = 4K7
R7 = 50K
C1 = 0.01 UF
C2 = 2uF/16V
C3 = 1uF
C4 = 0.05 UF
Q1, Q2 = 2N3302
BT1 = 9V

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