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Ultrasonic wave radar is introduced

2017-08-08 16:37  
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This article is the introduction of ultrasonic wave radar. Do you have any idea on the circuit and opinions, welcome to contact us. At the same time also hope that this article is helpful to you. The circuit consists of a set of ultrasonic receiver and transmitter of work in the same frequency. When some measures to cover the circuit circuit of the fine balance of disturbance and alarm is triggered. This circuit is very sensitive, can adjust automatically reset or stay until it is manually trigger the alarm after reset. Working voltage: dc 12 v. Current: 30 mA. Circuit consists of an ultrasonic transmitter and a receiver both work in the same frequency. They are using ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers output frequency and input devices, respectively, and their work is in use by a specific device. Transmitter is based on two nand gates found in four of the IC3 used here attachment as inverter and specific circuit to form a multivibrator transducer output driver. Trimming machine P2 adjust output frequency of the transmitter and the higher efficiency should be the same frequency resonant sensor in use. The  receiver  also USES a sensor to receive signal is reflected back to its output by the transistor amplifier tomb, this is a 741 IC1 op-amp. IC1 output is sent to the inverting input of amplification coefficient of IC2 adjustment by P1. This circuit is changed in such a way to keep balance is long as the output frequency of the transmitter. If there is some movement in the area covered by the ultrasonic emission signal is reflected back to a receiver become distorted and the balance of the circuit is thrown. Sudden changes in the output of IC2, Schmitt toggle circuit is based on the remaining two gates in the IC3 is triggered. The driver output transistor TR1, 2 in turn give a signal to the alarm system or if there is a relay connected to the circuit, in series with the collector, activate the TR1. Work from 9-12 v direct current circuit, can use the batteries or power supply. 

1049d.gif (11737 bytes)

R1 =? 180 KOhmC1, 6 = 10uF/16VTR1, 2, 3 = BC547 , BC548
R2 =? 12 KOhmC2 = 47uF/16VP1 = 10 KOhm trimmer
R3, 8 =? 47 KOhmC3 = 4,7 pFP2 = 47 KOhm trimmer
R4 =? 3,9 KOhmC4, 7 = 1 nFIC1, 2 = 741 OP-AMP
R5, 6, 16 =? 10 KOhmC5 = 10nFIC3 = 4093 C-MOS
R7, 10, 12, 14, 17 =? 100 KЩC8, 11 = 4,7 uF/16VR = TRANSDUCER 40KHz
R9, 11 =? 1 MOhmC9 = 22uF/16VT = TRANSDUCER 40KHz
R13, 15 =? 3,3 KOhmC10 = 100 nFD1, 2, 3, 4 = 1N4148
 C12 = 2,2 uF/16V 
 C13 = 3,3nF 
 C14 = 47nF



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