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Using NE5532 schematic circuit diagram of an electronic stet

2017-08-16 13:24  
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This article is to introduce the use NE5532 schematic circuit diagram of an electronic stethoscope car. For your better understanding of the circuit, we first introduce NE5532. NE5532 description are: The 5532 is a dual high-performance low noise operational amplifier.Compared to most of the standard operational amplifiers, such asthe 1458, it shows better noise performance, improved output drivecapability and considerably higher small-signal and powerbandwidths.This makes the device especially suitable for application inhigh-quality and professional audio equipment, instrumentation andcontrol circuits, and telephone channel amplifiers. The op amp isinternally compensated for gains equal to one. If very low noise is ofprime importance, it is recommended that the 5532A version beused because it has guaranteed noise voltage specifications.
NE5532  features are:
• Small-signal bandwidth: 10MHz
• Output drive capability: 600Ω, 10VRMS
• Input noise voltage: 5nV Hz (typical)
• DC voltage gain: 50000
• AC voltage gain: 2200 at 10kHz
• Power bandwidth: 140kHz
• Slew rate: 9V/μs
• Large supply voltage range: ± 3 to ± 20V
• Compensated for unity gain

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