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Using PIC16F877 electronic altimeter

2017-08-16 03:02  
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This article shows that the use of an electronic altimeter PIC16F877  principle. The electronic altimeter measurements using a PIC16F877 temperature sensor output and the absolute pressure sensor to measure altitude. The circuit has the following characteristics:
• Displays the current barometric pressure
• Displays current temperature
• Calibration
• preserve and display the reference pressure
• Calculate and display the relative height (resolution)
• Saving data in height 2 k ee prom in a range
• From 1 s-60s (resulting recording time from 17 minutes - Max. 17 hours)
• You can use a 9 v battery (about 24 hours) or a 12 v DC power supply unit do
• Operation 3 keys and LCD menu
• The saved data can be transferred to a PC and transfer by the illustrations and a c program
• Data can be saved in a simple text file


altimiter Electronic altimeter using PIC16F877
illustrate Electronic altimeter using PIC16F877