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Using a single IC / chip 5 band graphic equalizer explain th

2017-08-16 11:19  
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This article is to use a single IC / chip 5 band graphic equalizer explain the principle. The combination of text read schematics would be more effective to grasp this principle. This is a five-point BA3812L graphic equalizer that has all the necessary functions into one integrated circuit, integrated circuit is composed of five tone control circuit and the input and output buffer amplifier. BA3812L  features low distortion, low noise, and wide dynamic range, is an ideal choice for stereo Technology. It also has a wide operating voltage range (3.5 v to 16 v), which means that it can be applied to most types of audio equipment. Five center frequencies are independently set using an external capacitor, the output stage buffer amplifier and tone control section are independent circuits, fine control of part of the frequency bandwidth is possible, through the use of two BA3812Ls, you can build a 10-point graphic equalizer makers. Increase and decrease the number can be set by external components. In the operation of the circuit shown in the figure in five bands:
• 100 Hz
• 300 Hz
• 1 khz
• 3 khz
• 10 khz
If you are the first to understand this principle, we might Duokanjibian. The principle is simple but effective.


5 band graphic equalizer using a single IC/chip

5 band graphic equalizer using a single IC/chip

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