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Variable Regulator Circuit Using LM340

2018-01-22 12:09  
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The circuit is variable regulator series. In the ground terminal regulator is “lifted” by an amount equal to the voltage applied to the non-inverting input of operational amplifier LM101A. Output voltage of the regulator because it elevated to a level that is determined by the divisor value, resistive R1 R2, R3 and limited by the input voltage. the output voltage is variable from 7.0V to 23V and maximum output current varies from 1.2A to 2.0A. Since the LM101A is operated with a single supply (the negative supply pin is grounded).? Here is a schematic drawing:

Variable Regulator Circuit Using LM340 Variable Regulator Circuit Using LM340

The common mode voltage VBmust be at least at a 2.0 VBEVSATabove ground. R3 has been added to insure this when R2 = 0. Furthermore the bias current IBof the operational amplifier should be negligible compared to the current flowing through the? resistive divider.

Source : National Semiconductor Application

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