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Vehicle speed indicator circuit

2017-08-03 08:45  
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This article describes the car speed indicator circuit. The circuit is very useful, it is worth Duokanjibian then master the principles of the theory. Display of a car speed detection pulse generated by the ignition system, leading to an LED lamp. Circuit using quad NOR gate IC chip. Two doors is configured as a monostable multivibrator generates a fixed time pulse each time the main circuit car ignition system open circuit to the ignition coil. The other two gates as buffers to provide accurate rectangular pulse. Number of pulses per second increases, the voltage fed to the base of the NPN transistor becomes sufficiently high, so their behavior and turn on the LED lights. Speed ??LED lights set R4. Input circuit connected to the distributor side of the ignition coil or tachometer connected to these cars are equipped with electronic ignition. An important component of this circuit is 1n4001 , want a better grasp of this principle, you can find out the component. 

Automotive Speed Indicator




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