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Velleman K2645 Geiger-Muller Counter

2017-11-30 01:29  
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Velleman K2645 Geiger-Muller Counter

This project interfaces a Basic Stamp I Rev D with the VellemanK2645 Geiger/Muller counter kitand a Hitachi compatible one-line LCD panel display.

The project is low power and can run on one 9 volt battery continuously for up to two months. It can log low to unhealthy radioactive levels (under 256 microrems) to the stamps internal EEPROM memory for up to one month, or very high radioactive levels for up to two weeks (sampling rate: every four hours).

It can be used to determine the radioactivity caused by computer monitors, television sets, microwave oven leakage, gas furnaces, etc. It can even be used as a lightning detector during thunderstorms. It has a resolution of 6.67 microrems/hr and has a range of 0 to about 3433 microrems/hr.

Radiation Levels:

Low radiation is below 10 urems/hr.Normal background radiation is in the range of 10 to 79 urems/hr.High background radiation is in the range of 80 to 129 urems/hr.Unhealthy background radiation is in the range of 130 to 149 urems/hr.Safe only in short term exposure levels are 150 urems/hr to 249 urems/hr.Dangerous radiation levels are above 250 urems/hr.

Additional Requirements:

Velleman Geiger/Muller Counter Project kit # K2645 available at many electronics stores, or from the website above. Cost is $120-$140.One CMOS CD4040 12 Stage Ripple Counter. About 69 cents from Jameco Electronics.One CMOS 74C157 Quad two bit data selector. About $1.49 from most Radio Shack stores.Five 10K 5% 1/4 watt resistors.Two 100K 5% 1/4 watt resistors.


Radio Shack (RSU#: 11453461) or Hitachi compatible one-line LCD display for display of radioactive levels.Dual row IDC Female connector (w/through-hole solder lugs) for connecting to the LCD display.A 100K trimmer potentiometer for adjustable LCD display contrast.9-pin D-Sub female connector and straight-through cable for interfacing to a PC.Plastic case 5.75 x 3.60 x 1.29 inches with 9V battery compartment (Radio Shack Cat # 270-213).