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Victorinox is the most secure memory stick?

2018-02-26 19:40  
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Victorinox has launched a memory stick design which is, says the company, the most secure of its kind available to the public.The Victorinox memory stick uses several layers of security including fingerprint identification and a thermal sensor.
Any attempt to forcibly open it triggers a self-destruct mechanism that irrevocably burns its CPU and memory chip.The data can only be accessed through recognition of your fingerprint or the password.In addition to these functions, the Victorinox Secure also has a bright LED light that will reliably show you the way in the dark.

With this tool as well, it goes without saying that you will not have to do without the indispensable Swiss Army Knife functions, such as a blade, nail file with screwdriver end, scissors and key ring.

A new version of the device, which will employ e-paper to give users a read-out of its contents, is already in the pipeline. Victorinox say they wanted to create not only a product for today’s modern lifestyle but a new generation of memory stick that had all the values of functionality and reliability that the iconic Swiss Army Knife has come to represent.

Victorinox secure memory stick comes in 3 models:Secure 8 GB, 16 GB and 32 GB.

Victorinox Secure Memory Stick Tools and Specs

bladenailfile with screwdriverscissorskey ring stainlesspressurized ballpoint penFingerprint moduleLength 58 mmWidth 18 mmHeight 19.5 mm

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