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VisGuide ? The Sophisticated Robotic Vision System

2017-11-28 13:15  
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You would like a high pixel camera, which is allowing you to catch the photographs in different angles in the same time? Well, maybe it sounds a little bit hard to do it, but with this amazing VisGuide, the impossible turns into possible!

VisGuide is a high-tech device, with six 2Megapixel cameras being embedded into six different positions! Have a closer look on the below picture, isn’t the VisGuide the ideal camera that you’ve dreaming for?


The researcher group from European-funded research consortium Decisions in Motion was the brilliant team who created this fabulous VisGuide device.

During the experiment, the Decisions in Motion researchers have been using a wide variety of techniques to observe and learn on how the brain processes visual information. The experiments are included:

Record the individual neurons and groups of neurons firing in response to movement signals.

Functional magnetic resonance imaging to track the moment-by-moment interactions between different brain areas.

Neuropsychological studies of people with visual processing problems.

Believe it or not, the team has discovered an interesting fact that the primate brain doesn’t just detect and track a moving object. In the meantime, it also actually predicts where the object will go! The researchers want to understand more about how the visual system scans the environment and detects objects. They hoped to build a better robotic brain, which can be used to perform multipurpose movements! [sciencedaily]

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