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Voltage Indicator

2017-08-15 19:53  
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The next show is auto voltage indicator circuit. Threshold voltage led through the two zener diode lamp (D6 & D10) with two diodes connected in series (D4 and D5 D8, D9, respectively, an additional step in the name of about 1.3 v zener voltage. Red LED  D1 in when the battery voltage is 11.5 v or less, which indicates low battery charging green LED D7 is when the battery voltage is 13.5 v or more, which indicates a normal state when the motor is running, the generator and alternator is charging. amber when D2 lead battery voltage is determined by the 11.5 - 13.5 v range indicating that the battery is good if the motor is turned off when the motor is running, which means that no electric charge from the generator and alternator.

Automotive Voltage Control


R1,R3,R6________1K   1/4W Resistors
R2____________100K   1/4W Resistor
R4,R5,R7,R8_____3K3  1/4W Resistors

D1__________Red LED (Any dimension and shape)
D2________Amber LED (Any dimension and shape)
D3,D4,D5_____1N4148   75V 150mA Diodes
D6_________BZX79C10   10V 500mW Zener Diode
D7________Green LED (Any dimension and shape)
D8,D9________1N4148   75V 150mA Diodes
D10________BZX79C12   12V 500mW Zener Diode

Q1,Q2_________BC547   45V 100mA NPN Transistors
Q3____________BC557   45V 100mA PNP Transistor


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