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Watch Out For The Artificial Noses!

2017-11-23 22:22  
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Every time when you watching the crime scene investigation (CSI) or other criminal series investigation programmes, you will be very familiar with the police officers that dragging those police dogs, which have been trained for several years in sniffing out drugs and explosives weapons to scouring around the suspected revenue.

A group of scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) would like to bring some good news to the public, where they have moved a step closer to create a high perception and accuracy “artificial noses” after years of researches in this field.

According to the Shuguang Zhang, the associate director of MIT’s Center for Biomedical Engineering, he explained that although they have found a way to mass-produce smell receptors in a laboratory, but they still need to carry on the research to recreate smell, which it’s considering as one of the most complex and least understood of the five senses.

The RealNose team will continue to work with researchers from all around the world to develop a portable microfluidic device, where it can be used to identify various smells, including those diseases with distinctive odors, example like diabetes, lung, bladder and skin cancers. [read]

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