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What You Should Know about the Incredible ERC!

2017-11-29 05:00  
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Do you have any interests in the Robotic world? Well, if you think that you have the talents and would like to involve in the robotic field, then today will be your lucky day!

What you’re about to develop here is a robotic project named “The Experimental Robotic Contraption” or in a shortened form “ERC”. This ERC is a small computer with a few motors, some cardboard and a bunch of K’NEX on it.

Since this ERC has much differential drive, thus you can use it as a mobile robot in testing some of the navigation experiments.

Basically, the computer is a Motorola 68hc11 on a modified BotBoard. Beside that, an expansion board will be provided 32k bytes RAM, 16 bits of parallel input, 16 bits of parallel output and 32 multiplexed analog inputs simultaneously.

Furthermore, you can also apply an oscillating scan platform with two seven zones, convergent mode, infrared and range finders into this ERC. The seven IR emitters will be mounted behind the upper lens to produce beams that can be used to converge with the field of view of a detector.

The best part about the ERC is it can be divided the 360 degree view into 32 directions, and each of them gets up to seven range of distance!

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