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Which One You Prefer 7g Jumping Robot or 1.5g SMA Microglid

2017-11-27 17:33  
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Jumping and gliding is considered as two of the most powerful movements in the law of motion. Both of the actions share a same similarity, which is to overcome the obstacle and travel from place A to B instantly.

You can judge your own and see which movement is more powerful to you here.

7g Jumping Robot


Jumping robot prototype


This 7g jumping robot is not like the ordinary, but it’s a more elastic jumping robot that can jump as high as 24 times its own size. This robot employs elastic elements in four bar linkage leg system, and this characteristic enable it perform a very strong jumping force.

1.5 SMA Microglider

SMA lightweight microglider

This 1.5 SMA lightweight microglider was fully equipped with the phototaxis feature, which allows it to fly towards the light. An experimental setup that consist of a launching device and a light source positioned, which place 1m below and 4m away with varying angles is to improve the launching direction.

A new relatively new kind of steering system has been developed, and this for achieve the low weight and low power consumption. [source]

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