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WiiBot ? The Smart Combination of Sword-wielding and Tennis-

2017-11-23 10:03  
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Anyone here who didn’t love to play games, please raise up your hands! Honestly, people enjoy different types of games in their free times.

Talking about games, the Wii is the well-known home video game console courtesy by Nintendo. The Wii was launched on November 19, 2006 and its claimed sold more than 53 million pieces worldwide!


If you didn’t notice, the name “Wii” signifies “we”, which is referring to the people who playing and controlling the game console.

By using the Wii controller, you’re able to beat, punch and giving some powerful jabs to the enemies inside the games.

Also, it’s possible for the users to do the sword-wielding or tennis-playing action, by a little bit of modification.

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Well, it’s a very simple project. First of all, take one industrial robot, add a laptop talking to a WiiMote and strap on a tennis racket on it. It follows the swings that the user makes and by adding a sword on it, it turns into a bravery knight!

Then, you have to deal with the programming to control the physical motions. Once you’ve done, the WiiBot is ready to have a battle!

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