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Wiper delay circuit

2017-08-15 08:40  
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When the dynamic braking and windshield wipers to a standstill position, the circuit provides a windshield wiper delay. This may prevent the blade passing, which may cause them to stop at one point, so that would interfere with the driver's vision. With the original wiper switch, switch conduction on the MLS delay circuit is disconnected from the vehicle wiring SIB. When SI is turned off, the original wiring system and controls the delay circuit is bypassed.

Car windshield wiper delay 

Regarding the SI uses the 12 V to VI of the battery is a voltage doubler which produces 18 V. This supply higher voltage is needed to ensure reliable turn on Ql through V2 multivibrator. This arrangement provides about 18 V to the gate of Ql, whose source is less than 12 V drop V DS Ql. Ql stays on for a time determined by the interval between wipes WIPES potentio meterv. The is controlled by the pause control when Cldrops below V 4, U2 lights, turning on Ql and repeat the cycle.


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