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World?s first humanoid robot

2017-11-28 10:55  
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The robot that has the appearance of human body is humanoid robot. It has the capability to interact with human tools and environment. The world’s first humanoid robot is designed with brain, controlled by cortical assembly activity. Japan not only the country of rising sun but also has people such as designers and engineers with widen knowledge. The scientists in technology and science agency of Japan have successfully developed this humanoid robot through network interface between USA and Japan in real time. Brain the chief organ of human body has rapid progressing capability. Likewise humanoid robot also has voracious progress talent and it is the best achievement in robotic research.

Aesthetics of humanoid robot:

Humanoid robot has torso head, legs, arms and even waist. Androids, humanoid robot has similar aesthetic appearance as that of human. The need for autonomous robot or humanoid robot is to adapt to the changing environment to reach the target. When human keeps on working in one stage they surely lose their energy and get faint. But it is not the case of humanoid robot which is the unique and needed feature to achieve excellence. The yielding behavior of human brain is tested through the project of developing brain and installing it on real robot using technology to recall the mechanism and work accordingly.

World’s first humanoid robot features:


The computer interfaced humanoid computer is 155cm height and weighs 85kg without battery unit. The degrees of freedom associated with humanoid robot are totally 51, of which torso has seven degree of freedom. On the head are video cameras with vision sensors, microphone for audio reception, gyro sensor and the posture, detection is controlled by accelerometer which sense the working speed of humanoid robot. When they battery get drained they can self recharge and without human guidance they can learn the strategy of surroundings and if there any change they can become accustomed well to it. Interaction is nothing but knowledge sharing, so human robot does this job greatly without harming property, society and itself.



Humanoid robots are needed specifically in research areas to serve as best companion to scientist. One such is nano developed French company and they could be imagined as health aid at home, partner for playing games and academic aiding. Beside controlling and planning the most required feature for easy advancement is sensing. So robots at present are designed with inherent sensors and they play criterion in robotic paradigm.

Based on physical working they are classified into several types and also classification depends on measuring the input and delivering the output. To prevent the future generation from hazard robots are designed with algorithm of artificial intelligence. It does the job of space explorer eliminating the need for turning back and returning once the mission ends. They work efficiently unless the software the heart of which works eminently. The need and technical scheme to develop this software is quite complex and even cost higher. “Zero moment point” is use to achieve dynamic balance by maintaining the contact force while walking.

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