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Would You Mind to Have the Emotional Robots Who Captures You

2017-11-27 16:48  
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Human beings are a unique living form, as we’ve different types of face expressions, which is showing how do we feel in the current situation. However, human beings emotion can be a very complicated form, as sometimes, a person can laugh with tears and so on!

In order to reveal the mystery of the human’s emotional states, a company named “Innerscope Research”, which is based in Boston, Massachusetts have been running the experiment on a group of people.

Emotional robots

Those people who participated in the experiment are 46 Super Bowl’s supporters. They’re gathering in a hotel room in New York, watching the game, munching burgers and downing with beers. There’s an emotional robot that are monitoring these sports fans, as each of them wearing vests with sensors. The sensor vests will continuously monitor their heart rate, movement, breathing and sweat, from the beginning of the game until the end!

Based on the experiment, they’ve found out that 74 percent of the people are at least shouting loudly more than 20 times, while 62 percent of them are went away, when it has a commercial breaks! Even though they’re watching the same commercial ads, but every viewers have different face expression!

It’s a very interesting experiment, as the police department and FBI are considering to use it for identify the suspects’ face expression to find out whether they’re involved in a criminal or not! [newscientist]

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