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Your Tongue Will Have A New Job!

2017-12-01 23:10  
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We’re normally using our tongue to speak, taste, swallow the foods and fighting the harmful germs. This is what we know and what we should be known about it…

Do you think that our tongue will be capable to do other things, instead of the actions that we’re doing each day? What is your response, if you’re been telling that now you can use your tongue to control the computer?

Yep, it’s not a joke, as a group of researchers from the Georgia Tech has been developed a magnetic, tongue-powered system. This system could transform every organ into the computer parts, which as:

    Your mouth will turn into a virtual computer,Your teeth into a typing keyboard, andYour tongue into the key that can be manipulated all features!

    “By simply moving your tongue, you will have the full control over your environment around you, isn’t this cool enough?” said Maysam Ghocanloo, a Georgia Tech assistant professor, which is also one of the chief that leading the research team!

    The reason why they chose the tongue over other facial muscles was due to its flexible, sensitive and tireless features. Thus, even those people that suffer of the paralyze matter, also can benefit from this invention too! [more]

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