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Z axis accelerometer MMA1220D from Freescale

2017-12-22 06:27  
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MMA1220D is Z axis MEMS accelerometer -8g – 8g. This sensor has capacitive sensor. The output signal is passed through 4 pole low pass filter. It also has internal self test capability. The main features:
Integral signal conditioning;
Linear output;
Ratio metric performance;
4th order Bessel Filter to preserve pulse shape integrity;
Calibrated self test;
Detection of low voltage also clock monitor and EPROM Parity check status;
Can survive high shocks.


Where it can be used? It can be perfect tool for Vibration monitoring, control, bearing monitor, PC HDD protection, mouse and joystick, virtual reality, sport diagnostics.
The datasheet can be found here:
I decided to run sample test of this sensor. For this I just made simple board where I soldered this sensor with SOIC16 package. According to datasheet I put RC filter on sensor output to minimize clock noise. There is schematic:


And traced PCB:


I used SMD parts as it will be easer to glue other side of board to any surface in future.


First test drive on oscilloscope:



Later I will do some tests by connecting this sensor to MCU.
Bellow I attached Protel library of MMA1220D sensor and my project files. Might be you want to give a try. Good luck.


MMA1220D Protel

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