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optically interfaced optocoupler telecom ring detector

2017-08-15 02:30  
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Optocouplers have been commonly used for telecom ring detection for many years due to their simplicity and ease of use.The ring detect circuit must be AC coupled and present a relatively high (60kΩ minimum) impedance to the line with low amplitudeAC voltages. This is to prevent the circuit from interfering with the audio signals when the line is in use.This ring detector, utilizing a neon-LDR  (light dependent resistor) optocoupler, simplifies interfacing with telephone Jines.An electro-optical interface unit is shown for interfacing an all-optical telephone to a conventional electrical-metallic-type telephone communications system, having conventional electrical subscriber units, switching, and supervisory systems. An overall all-optical telephone communication system, of which an all-optical telephone is a part, is envisioned.




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