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sound effects of bombs falling and explosions using SN76488

2018-01-21 04:24  
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Circuit diagram is one of the circuit diagram for the sound effects, where the circuit diagram of this time can produce sound bombs falling and explosions. Basically this circuit diagram controlled by SN76488, where IC is an IC specially designed to produce various sound effects. SN76488 ICs are on the SLF and sesuia VCO to the data sheet. SLF is an oscillator that can work include the range from 0.1 Hz to 20kHz. Oscillator VCO is that the control voltage can be swept frequency range covers outputs 10:1 by SLF. SN76488 IC in the SLF will provide a voltage waveform which increases linearly to the VCO and takes a few seconds for zero voltage increases linearly until the maximum value. This causes the VCO to produce the tone down to make sound effects when the bomb was dropped. The order in its entirety on the trigger by simply pressing the switch SW1. In the switch on the press will be a 5 V voltage to the input of the pin 9. The following is a schematic drawing:

sound effects of bombs falling and explosions using SN764881 sound effects of bombs falling and explosions using SN76488

Resistor R3 and capacitor C3 are two components used to determine the tone of the beginning of the VCO, while the size limit increase in the voltage waveform generated by the wedge SLF is determined by R2 and C2. and timing a shot period of time constants determined R! and C1. Characteristic frequency noise generated by the generator C4.Untuk noisy R4 and audio output is connected to the speaker 8ohm, previously had to go through a 100uF capacitor C6 value.

R1, R2, R5 = 1M
R3 = 470K
R4 = 220K
C1, C7 = 4.7 uF/10V
C3 = 4.7 nF
C4 = 470pF
C5 = 10nF
C6 = 100uF/10V
LS1 = 8 Ohm
BT1 = 9V
SW1 = SW-SPST Pushbutton

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