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uPOV ? now with an accelerometer

2017-12-23 10:51  
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Most persistence of vision (POV) projects are very hard to time – questions arise one when to start the sequence of On’s and Off’s to make the pattern of lights. It’s not really that difficult to do the timing but it requires a certain skill and an awful amount of patience. Most of the existing POV units has a synchronizing signal – this may be a opto interrupter, a line sensor or even trip switches switch made out of dangling wires!


To make it more sophisticated Rucalgary built a tiny POV with just seven LEDs  an ATMEGA48A  and a MMA7660 accelerometer from freescale – no he is not advertising its just way too cheap. The accelerometer is used to determine when to start displaying the messages – one more thing that separates this from most POVs is that it has multiple messages stored in an EEPROM – which the microcontroller fetches to display while spinning.

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