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AVR Laser video projector

2016-09-10 05:33  
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This project is made by H?¥kon A. Hjortland. The idea is pretty simple and original. He used rotating mirrors to create a video projection. 16 differently tilted mirrors were fixed on a round drum that spins at about 20 a€“ 30 s-1. Each mirror draw a separate line on a screen. For each pixel, the laser is turned on or off. Resolution isn’t very bit -just 16 pixels at each line. But it gives a nice impression.



As Author states calibration is a hardest part of project. Especially Y direction of mirrors, that each mirror draw a separate line on screen. X calibration is done by software.

The fun part is a Firmware. Program is written in AVR-GCC language. What it does is redraws a frame every 4 or 5 frames.

Watch a video of this project: DivX video: projector.avi (3.5 MiB)

Source code:


Additional sources representing an idea:

Building a Laser Projector (PDF) – By Alex Hornstein
TinyProjector – Eight lasers and mirror

Original source by H?¥kon A. Hjortland.


To project your photo from a digital camera, first add your photo to your computer. A wireless webcam could also take a great picture. Transfer the photo file to a laser video projector according to the user guide. In no matter than minutes, you’ll have your very own home theater.

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