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RGB to YPBPR Component-Video Conversion

2016-09-13 06:57  
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Figure 15 shows a method of generating the standard definition YPBPR signals from an RGB source using a pair of LT6550 triple amplifiers. It should be noted that to ensure Y includes a correct sync, correct syncs should be present at all three inputs or else added directly at the Y output (gated 8.5mA current sink or 350Ω switched to –3.3V). This circuit does not deliberately reduce bandwidth on the color component outputs, but most display devices will nonetheless apply a Nyquist filter at the digitizer section of the “optical engine” in the display unit. The circuit is shown as DC-coupled, so ideally black level is near ground for best operation with the low-voltage supplies shown. Adding input coupling capacitors will allow processing source video that has substantial offset.

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