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S-Video to RCA Cable

2016-09-13 12:58  
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The SVideo to RCA cable is sometime hard to find and the adapter is almost every time too short. I’ve searched at my local store and haven’t found any. So I’ve decided to search on google and found some useful sites so is easy to make on your own DIY SVideo to RCA adapter with almost no external components except of course the RCA jacks and the S Video.

On my search quest I have found some interesting articles, so please be sit and read all of them.

DIY S-Video to RCA Cable Adapter Resources

Here you can read about a 7 pin S-video to Component Video
http://liltux.wordpress.com/2007/03/23/diy-7-pin-s-video-cable-for-laptops/ – I think this will work on your tv set without problems if your laptop or device has a 7 pin S Video ouput.
svideo to rca video componentAnother S-video to composite video adapter (must be RCA!)
This simple adapter can be used to convert Y/C video (S-video) to a composite video. This adapter is useful in cases where your video output device has only S-video output but your signal source accepts only composite video input. This circuit works with both PAL and NTSC video standards. Read more: http://www.epanorama.net/circuits/svideo2cvideo.html


svideo to rca

Cable from s-video connector to RCA plug

If you are using any of the above diy S-video to rca diagram then share with us your experience and maybe together can improve its quality.


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