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A wireless car tachometer circuit

2016-11-05 08:31  
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Below is a wireless automotive tachometer circuit schematic presentation. In the  circuit  : open-loop and allow the temperature to stabilize minutes. Set of four cylinders and S2 is adjusted to a meter indication R5 180 (1800 rpm). 6-cylinder set S2 and adjusted to a meter indication R6 120 (1200 rpm). Set S2 - 8 cylinder and adjusted to a meter indication R7 90 (900 rpm). Use ring, turn it on and let it sit for one minute to allow temperature to stabilize. Extend the antenna, select the correct number of cylinders and engine units held. If the reading is unstable or needle jumping around, move the antenna close to the ignition coil and spark plug wires. It draws power from the car battery. If it is connected backwards, it will not work, but it will not be destroyed.



tach2 wireless auto tachometer

PC board layout and parts placement

tach1 wireless auto tachometer

Calibrate the unit as follows:

Set up this circuit:

tachcal wireless auto tachometer