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Eye-Fi wireless memory cards

2016-11-18 11:17  
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Eye-Fi wireless memory cards deliver the next generation Eye-Fi experience in the form of the the award-winning Eye-Fi Pro X2. We are talking about faster-than-ever wireless photo and video uploads, improved performance, and virtually endless storage capacity with Endless Memory mode.
makes your camera wireless
The Eye-Fi card is the 1st wireless memory card. It looks, stores media, and fits into cameras just like a regular SDHC card. On top of that, the Eye-Fi card has built-in Wi-Fi that uses your wireless network to effortlessly transfer photos and videos.

uses your home Wi-Fi network
Upon setup, specify which networks the Eye-Fi card uses to transfer your media. Add up to 32 networks for your card to use. The next time your camera is on within range of a specified network, your photos and videos will fly to your computer and to your favorite sharing site.
wireless memory cards
gets media where you want it
During the quick set-up, you customize where you want your memories sent. The Eye-Fi card will only send them to the computer and to the sharing site you choose.

memory Wi-Fi = Eye-Fi
It all started with a very simple idea: what if photos could just fly to where you want them to be? That’s how a memory card with antenna and magical superpowers was born.
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