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FLY3000 Atmega16L Wireless Development Board NRF905/CC1101/S

2016-11-10 13:41  
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FLY3000 Atmega16L Wireless Development Board NRF905/CC1101/Si4432 Based on AVR

- Master MCU based on the AVR multifunction wireless development board
- FLY3000,FLY-3000, wireless development board using AVR the series of Atmega16L, apply to the wireless module of the application development NRF2401 \ nRF24L01 \ RF903 \ The CC1020 \ NRF905 \ the CC1100 \ Si4432 and other rich routine is the best choice to quickly master wireless application technology to help engineers to significantly reduce the development of wireless applications develop the cycle FLY3000 wireless board / evaluation board
- Bbased on the current mainstream of the AVR system and most basic Atmega16L as the basis to build, also has reference value for the Mega32, Mega48, Mega64 AVR system to support a variety of models wireless module, more than one board, especially for a variety of application needs, and module selection during the evaluation selection and determine the most appropriate wireless models, the development board schematics to help learning and reference, to facilitate you to build their own of wireless applications, handheld (Normal battery power supply) and power supply in two ways, especially handheld, convenient wireless assessment test in the actual environment (of course, for high-power module, the lack of supply capacity of the ordinary dry recommend using the battery mode power supply)
- FLY3000 development board support the wireless module model: the CC1100 series wireless module: Micro Power Module: Power module in RF1100SE: RFC-1100A (maximum transmit power of 100 mW) RFC-11100H (maximum transmit power 2W), of nRF905 micropower wireless module module: RF905K / RF905B (PCB antenna) / RF905RD power module: RFC-30F (maximum transmit power of 100 mW) the RFC-30K (maximum transmit power of 1W) RFC-33A (maximum transmit power 2W)
-  The nRF24L01 micropower wireless module module: RF24L01B / RF24L01SE power module: RF24L01PA module (transmit power of 100 mW)