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FM wireless microphone circuit with voltage regulator circui

2016-11-05 06:44  
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FM wireless microphone circuit with voltage regulator circuit
The circuit consists of three parts: 1 . Audio amplifier section; 2 . High-frequency oscillation part; 3 . Regulators parts. The signal is sent into a base of the transistor VT1 from the microphone MIC, then it is coupled to the base of high-frequency oscillation circuit VT2 by C2 after being amplified by VT1, then it is emitted by antenna. The working frequency of this circuit is between 85 ~ 104MHz. MIC selects high-sensitivity electret microphone, VT1 uses 9013H with β ≥ 125. VT2 is 2N3866 with β ≥ 90, L1, L2 use∮ 0.71mm enameled wires with four turns and 10 turns around ordinary pen core, C4, C5, C6 use ceramic capacitors, error is ± 5 % . The three-terminal regulator uses the LM7806 power supply with 9V battery, and the circuit board can be made by yourself.