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MC13135-Wireless receiving demodulation integrated circuit d

2016-11-28 21:05  
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MC13135-Wireless receiving demodulation integrated circuit diagram
MC13135 is a type of receiving demodulation interated circuit which is applied in receiving demodulation of antenna in communication. 1.Function features:The integrated circuit MC13135 consists of dual conversion circuit, local oscillator circuit, mixer circuit, filed intensity detection circuit, audio pre-amplifying circuit, medium frequency signal amplifying circuit and other related circuits. 2.Pins functions and data:The integrated circuit MC14433 adopts 24-pin dual line package. The arrangement and functions of its pins are as what is shown in the picture. Note: If it cannot receive wireless signals, please check whether 22 pin of MC13135 can receive signals or not. If it is ok, please check whether the dual conversion signals of 18 pin is common or not.