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Wireless remote control plus and minus resistor network circ

2016-11-07 22:21  
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Wireless remote control plus and minus resistor network circuit diagram
Transmitter circuit is shown in figure 1. CD40193 is a dual clock synchronous 4-bit binary up / down counter, andits function is shown as the table. CPU is the addition clock impulse input terminal, and CPD is a subtraction input of the clock pulse. When it inputs 0 to 15 pulses, its output terminals Q3 ~ Q0 change with the oder of 0000 ~ 1111 (addition) or 1111 ~ 0000 (subtraction). It is fired by the built-in antenna outside. CD4011 NAND chip is composed of two ultra-low frequency oscillators. The other two NAND gatesare the addition and subtraction counting gate. When the subtraction S1 door is open, CD40193 reduces the count. When the addition count door S2 is open, CD40193 starts the additional counts. The working voltage of CD4011 and CD40193 is 5V. Ultra-low frequency oscillator frequency is about 0.5 ~ 2Hz.