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Wireless remote control/touch dimmer circuit RCM1A/RCM1B

2016-11-04 16:11  
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The wireless remote control/touch dimmer circuit is designed as one kind of incandescent lamp dimmer switch that is composed of the radio remote control components RCM1A/RCM1B and the CS7232 touch dimmer integrated circuit, and it can be used to control the pendant lamp, table lamp and wall lamp.etc, also it has the features of exquisite size, easy to use and good stability and reliability. CS7232 is designed as one kind of CMOS type integrated circuit that can be used in the incandescent light control, it controls the lamp brightness through controlling the bidirectional thyristor conduction angles, and it has the features of low power consumption, multi-function and high control sensitivity, and it can be used in the incandescent lamp circuit which supplies power to the AC 220/115V, 50/60Hz power supply. The CS7232 is in the DIP 8 pins plastic package, the pin functions and the internal circuit block diagram is as shown: